Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Out and About: Weekend Picks for Saturday and Sunday

Poet and writer Charles Bukowski

The weather is pleasant, and we are already making plans for the weekend.  Here are some fun picks for Saturday and Sunday. 

Poetry Fair
"To have great poets, there must be great audiences"-Walt Whitman. 

Organizers are planning a big poetry event at the Lawrence Arts Center this Saturday. A poetry fair will host twenty two poets.  Activities include an open mic. Underground and unique books by these poets will be available for purchase in the LAC lobby.
When: noon-4:00 at The Lawrence Arts Center
For more information, check out the Facebook Invite;

KU Open Studios
KU's annual event is one of our favorites.  Come see the fresh graduate and undergraduate work of KU art students in the studios of Art and Desgin.  We've attended some impressive graduate shows this spring, and this is a change to talk with some of the artists about their work. 
When: Sunday, 2-4pm at Art and Design
Here is the Facebook Invite:


Strange and unusual newsreels by Pathe News Company have recently been released on You Tube.  The Pathe News company produced newsreels on events in the 1900's.  85,000 reels are available and include news events as well as camp pop culture of the era.

See a trip to a remote taxidermy museum:

See the Youtube link for the entire site here:

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