Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching Jason Barr's Tweets

Jason Barr
Promotion for the Hospital Ships show March 17

Most of the time, we are not privy to the internal dialogue of artists, which often includes a struggle to balance public and patron viewpoint with the creative process. Contrary to this idea,  local artist Jason Barr tweets his thoughts on Twitter through the day, often tweeting about his art.   He not only promotes his work on Twitter, he is not shy about telling us when he has sold a work and to whom.

Barr is one of the artists, who until recently, worked at the Lost Art Space. His work is a legacy of pop that includes ideas that are sometimes sophomorically shocking, such as his paintings of a penis and a rainbow.

Here is Barr's Twitter conversation from yesterday:

The thing I couldn't figure out how 2 express in my interview w/ @larryvillecom is that when you make the type of work I do, ppl fuck w/you.

get more shit frm artists tht think they're making some real change in the world or work harder & are frustrated that a dick rainbow sells


Barr is a hard worker, and I admire his showmanship. However, some see his work as hollow, and worthy of the description “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Barr is controversial to be sure, which is just the way he likes it. Look for his interview on Friday in the blog The Larryville Chronicles.

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