Thursday, July 26, 2012

Karen's Top Three FInal Friday Picks

Although we've been suffering from Heat Madness this week, we're planning what to do for this month's Final Friday.  Here are Karen's top three Final Friday picks for July.

1. The Replay
The What Gives Reunion Show with Erik Voeks and Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics
6-8  early show.  Although we usually leave it to other scenesters for music pics, we're excited to hear new songs written by Jon Harrison and others. 

2. Invisible Hand
Clare Doveton and Molly Murphy
The Invisible Hand has moved to East Lawrence. Adam has been teasing us with photos of the progress of the new gallery, and we finally get to see the finished space on Friday.   Molly has informed us that she has been working on new art to hang for this show.

Adam's pic of the new space that he has been posting on Twitter and Facebook

3. Wonderfair 
Print Invitational

Wonderfair will host a Print Invitational curated by Micheal Krueger featuring 20 artists. The line-up looks good and Wonderfair will have special cocktails, too. Wonderfair encourages "Print Nerds to Unite."

small detail of one of the lithographs in the show

Here is the Facebook Invite for this event which lists the artists:

AND what will @Larryvillelife promoting this weekend?  Among other things, dumpster diving! Read his interview with artist  Leo Hayden here:

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