Monday, July 16, 2012

How is color chosen in consumer goods?

Most sought after fall fashion item: The burgundy crinkled coat

Color choices for items like cars, interior design, and even kitchen appliances are contrived and planned. The high costs for product development necessitate that industries use color palettes that consumers are more likely to buy.  Two important groups making decisions for industry behind closed doors are the Color Association of the United States, known in the industry as the "color czars" and the Color Marketing Group.  They make decisions on what they feel will and should dominate a certain industry.  Some of the decision making is based on world economic and political trends. For instance, right now is a conservative business climate.  A color palette is created, and chosen colors are then used in items that consumers buy.

Pre-determined color palettes are seen in high end clothing design as well, contrary to the myth of artistic whim. 

We are starting to see what writers for blogs and magazines and other experts are predicting for the trends for the fall 2012 fashion. Fall fashion often reflects harvest colors.  This year, the mood for the designs seems somber;  possibly reflecting styles from the Cold War era.  Shiny or crinkled leather is very "in" for this fall, too.

The "in" colors for 2012 fall fashion

The colors for fall 2012 have burgundy type reds, pewter blues, and neutral grays.  Although there are exceptions, the cuts and styles tend to be conservative. 

Here are some examples of fall high fashion wear from Tory Burch: 

Inspiration for the collection came from this vintage wallpaper design

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