Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who was out for FInal Fridays Downtown?

 Linda in the middle of the Monica Vidal sculpture at the Arts Center

Who was out for Final Fridays last night? We have the pics.

 It was a big ceramics evening at the Arts Center. David Sturm from Bracker's was raku firing outside and Allen Chen exhibited his large thrown pots.
Wonderfair had some amazing print pieces, and The Replay Lounge featured the What Gives for their early show.

 Here are party pics from last night:

Allen Chen with his work
We will dearly miss Allen who will go to Ohio for his new job soon

 The ceramics guys at the Arts Center

 At the Arts Center

 At the Arts Center

 Hipster kids at the Percolator for the Dime Bag Show

 At the Percolator

Bret playing at the Replay

 At the Percoloator

 At the Percolator

 At the Pig

 At Wonderfair

In front of the Burger Stand

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