Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picks for Tuesday:PBR Book Club and Grace Chin at Teller's

Roberto Bolano, author of 2666

Tonight, the PBR Book Club will get out their boxing gloves as they duke it out over a discussion of their most recent book, Roberto Bolano's 2666.  Tall boys at Frank's will be on hand.

The PBR Book Club may have rival book club. Via Craigslist,  someone is seeking readers interested in Star Wars books, describing the mission as a "nerdy yet noble endeavor." 
See the post here: http://lawrence.craigslist.org/stp/3159019190.html

Check out the PBR Book Club which has next month's selection at its website here: http://pbrbookclub.blogspot.com/

Grace Chin opens at Teller's:

Here is Grace's description: Normally a term used to describe coming-of-age literature, Chin’s Bildungsroman is a collection of water color monotype prints that find the artist turning her own situation into something more.
“It’s a little bit of autobiography, but it’s also examining narrative structure itself,” Chin says. “That’s something that’s always interested me — storytelling, and how you do that with images.”

Here is the Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/447066005324175/

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