Friday, September 14, 2012

A new website we love and an update on the Warhol Foundation

A site we love is Pixmaven.
If you have ever sat though a pretentious critique of any kind,  you will appreciate this website that generates phrases for such events.
Here are the instructions via the website:
Salvation is here! 
Feeling inarticulate? Critically gauche? Or just verbally impotent?
We here at Pixmaven have developed The Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator so you need never again feel at a loss for pithy commentary or savvy "insights." With this device you can speak about Art with both authority and confidence. Use this marvellous tool to amaze and confound friends and colleagues. Don't miss this opportunity to menace and dumbfound professors and artists emeriti! 

The instructions are simple,  Type in any five digit number.
Here is the site:

Warhol Foundation Update

The Warhol Foundation, one of the largest foundations for grants that go directly to artists, announced this week that it will disperse its entire collection of Warhols, donating some and selling others.  Officials say the Foundation will shift exclusively into a grant making organization.  The foundation says it hopes to fill in the void left by declining private and government arts support.
This questions the role that artists’ foundations play.  Originally, these foundations were started by artists as a means to oversee individual artist’s legacies by documenting and protecting work.  The foundations typically sell a few works a year to finance operations.
 The Warhol Foundation, along with the Pollack-Krasner Foundation, was one of the first foundations to make the decision not to fund costly authenticating of work, choosing, instead, to have these funds go directly to artists. In the past, the Warhol Foundation has awarded $250 million in grants to hundreds of museums and other non-profits.

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