Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top Picks for Campus Art Walk for Final Friday

The Campus Art Walk is added to this month’s Final Friday, making it a special mega marathon Final Friday. The Campus Art walk officially starts at 1:30 p.m and includes 14 venues and activities.   Promotions encourage people to tweet about what they see with #KUartwalk.

Here are our top picks for the Campus Art Walk: 

1. Auxiliary Power; Visual Art Adjunct Faculty Show: Art and Design Gallery 2:00-5:00
Included in this show is work by local scenester and photographer Luke Jordan, who has photographs of unsuspecting items found in a museum, like a light switch and railing.

Also at the Art and Design building, the ceramics club will be giving demos under the bridge on the north side of the building.

Pitcher's Blew by Joseph Meinecke

Railing Rijksmuseum Luke Jordan, Photo

 Members of the printmaking department will be selling  hand printed t-shirts with their designs.  One shirt has an image of a slice of pizza and says "Stay Cheesy." 

Earlier this week, we took a pic of Solace hanging prints made in the printmaking department.  These prints will be shown right outside the Art and Design Gallery.

2. Overflow: Installation by Darin White 
Student Union Gallery 5:00-7:00
We went to an early preview of this show.  The installation looks fantastic in the gallery.  One work includes ashes gathered from Teller's.  We asked White to describe his work, and a simple reply is it is "about the Life Process.”

3. Paintings by Justin Bergin Wescoe Underground
Justin is a graduate student in Painting at KU. 

4. Celebration: Wrap, Tap, Snap: Level 4 Lobby and East Terrace: Kansas Union 5:00-6:00.
This is like a yarn bombing (they are calling it a wrap) of the iconic Jayhawk.  Potential for a tribal experience, as the African Drum Ensemble plays during the wrap.  

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