Saturday, September 15, 2012

Field Trip: Smellscape in Kansas CIty

Artist Sissel Tolaas (above) spent five years collecting smells for her "SmellScape KCK/KCMO (2007-2012)" 

SmellScape at the Grand Arts
1819 Grand

Smellscape is the latest project by Berlin-based artist and smell researcher Sissel Tolaas. Smellscape is a game which invites the public to engage as players investigating the smells of Kansas City. Participants are invited to explore downtown neighborhoods on foot and use their sense of smell to find and collect scratch and sniff cards. 
Here is the write up in Inkkc: 

Tolaas spent five years collecting smells in the metro area, extracting some from physical objects and capturing ambient scents by means of the same technology used in the perfume industry.
The firm, which has a lab in New Jersey, is a sponsor of Tolaas’ artworks. She works with the lab, Switzer said, to figure out the component molecules of smells so she can replicate them.
And replicate them she has: Her set of 20 scratch-and-sniff cards can be collected at outposts around the city. The cards are part of a smell game that includes prizes and surprises.

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