Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Art Talk: Fred Stonehouse

Art Talk on Thursday:
KU’s printmaking department  hosts visiting artist and Wisconsin scenester Fred Stonehouse.  The print department, with a lead from Micheal Krueger, tends to acquire visiting artists who are trendy scenesters in whatever city they are from.  These visiting artists also often specialize in marginal-type art.  According to the Spencer, "Stonehouse's style reflects outsider and folk art influences. “ Another review of his work says this; “Often encompassing religious or surreal contexts, his paintings are a materialization of his nostalgia for familiar cartoon figures of the past, blended with the artist's own delicate balance of humor, beauty and derangement.”
Stonehouse will also make an edition of prints with printmaking students while he is here. 
The lecture is Thusday at 6:00 at the Spencer Museum Auditorium.

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