Monday, September 3, 2012

Why did Warhol choose soup for his pop image?

The mundane subject matter of Warhol's soup cans were new and puzzling to the art world when they first were on display 50 years ago in Los Angeles.  A neighborhood gallery stacked a pyramid of actual soup cans in its window along with a sign that said "Get the real thing for only 29 cents."

Why did Warhol choose soup for his now iconic image? Warhol's response is that he ate Campbell's soup every day for lunch.  Christopher Knight, art critic for the Los Angeles Times,  says "Frankly, if you buy that, you might also be in the market to acquire a bridge down in Brooklyn. "

Night has a theory about the subject, and says the soup cans may have a deeper meaning. "Soup was essential studio slang, the conversational lingo among New York School painters when they talked about their work.  Specifically, soup was the metaphor used by William De Kooning-the most successful artist of the era-to characterize his robust Abstract Expressionism.  If soup worked for him, why not Warhol?"

Target tackles Warhol
Campbell's said Wednesday that a new limited-edition line of Warhol-themed condensed tomato soup cans will go on sale at most Target stores across the country.  The cans, priced at 75 cents each and are intended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the pop artist's first paintings of Campbell's soup cans. 
We think Warhol would LOVE this!

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