Sunday, January 6, 2013

Auto Destructive Tendencies and Famous Messy Art Studios

In the art studio, what should be saved and what should be tossed?  This is always a dilemma among artists who often have limited studio space. Will that doodle on that scrap of paper be the idea for the next work?  How many piles of partially finished drawings should be kept?

In the article Auto Destructive Tendencies, Art News reports this month that many established artists purposefully destroy work.  Although self editing can be painful,  many artists agree that some of their work should not be part of their legacy. Some even shred work, fearing it will be pulled from the trash and resurface in the art market. Other artists like the idea of purging; some keep the ashes of their burnt paintings. 

Messy Art Spaces
On the other hand, some artists keep everything. Here are examples of artists who notoriously did not throw away anything (even scraps of paper) and kept messy work spaces:  

Francis Bacon

Jackson Pollack

Pablo Picasso

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