Saturday, January 26, 2013

Giddy Up by Stephen Johnson

Detail of Giddy-Up

We love this piece by Lawrence artist Stephen Johnson.  Made for the Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas, “Giddy-up!” will be installed in 2014. 

It is difficult to see in this small pic, but a heart gradually transforms into a star.  The materials for the project include 35 glass panels, 18 x 18 each.  For us, the transformation reminds us of the 19th century stop action photos of the movement of a horse running by Muybridge. 

The Horse in Motion by Muybridge

Stephen says this about the work: Love Field, symbolized as a heart from which Pegasus, the symbol of Dallas emerges and subsequently ascends to flight above the lone star of Texas. 

Happy Birthday to Sonny and Karyn.  They turn 25 this week!

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