Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Final Friday: Nick Satinover at the Hand

Woodcut by Nick Satinover

The latest Final Friday shows have been announced, and one of the most intriguing is the show at the Invisible Hand Gallery.  Nineteen Thirteen combines printmaking and poetry.  The show, which opens Friday, is by Iowa-based artist Nick Satinover.  The staff at Larryville artists liked the look of the work so much, we decided to seek out the artist and learn more.

We asked Nick about his work process. He tells us that his studio research is based on observations made while moving through places.  
I'm not much of a drawing or sketcher... my sketchbooks are really just lists, notes, words, one-liners, descriptions, reflections, impressions or observations of things/people/places as I see and experience them.  I take this raw material and play around with the phrasing and syntax... try to create something more evocative or specific.  I tend to be attracted to things that make me feel ambivalent and try and pass along that conflict.

More on Nick's Poetry: 
The show title Nineteen, Thirteen is also the title of a book of prose poems that will be published by Wrenwood Press in Des Moines, Iowa.  The book is undergoing the final edit and should be available soon.  The book and show are an acknowledgment of the 100 year anniversary of the flood of 1913 that put most of Nick's hometown, Dayton, Ohio, under water.  According to Nick "The work in the show and the book mediate on being in that particular place now (having been shaped greatly by this event in a myriad of ways). "

Nick says he is looking forward to the show in Lawrence "I've heard great things" and plans to be at the opening at the Invisible Hand. 

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