Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Reads: PBR Book Club and Did Titian have Syphilis?

The PBR Book Club book for this month is Jon Ronson's Lost at Sea.  The book is available on audio where Ronson himself is the narrator.  Ronson is a writer who has written for Britains's  The Guardian, and is a contributor to This American Life. This book is a selection of non-fiction short essay type stories.
The Book Clubbers have an early announcement for their February book, presumably in anticipation for laborious selection of writing.  February will be Faulkner month, and readers will have a list of five Faulkner books to choose from.
Here is the PBR Book and Film Club website for more info: http://pbrbookclub.blogspot.com/

 a detail from the Titian portrait, which has just been rediscovered. 

“Titian painting rediscovered in the depths of the National Gallery”

This head-line news report is interesting for several reasons. 

It appears the National Gallery has works of art in storage that is not documented, which seems difficult to believe.  In probably all museums, everything, from the smallest scrap of paper to the largest painting has a number and is catalogued.  We have seen this process first hand at the Nelson Atkins Museum, and it is meticulous.

The found painting is attributed to Titian and it may have a story behind it, namely, the sitter/artist relationship.  We know a little about the sitter, who was a famous doctor who gave the disease "syphilis" its name.  We also know a little bit about Titian. A visitor to Titian’s studio claimed the painter was exhausted from sleeping with his models.  According to Jonathon Jones of the Guardian, “Glaring back proudly from a portrait newly attributed to Titian stands a famous doctor who have the most terrifying sexually transmitted disease of those times the name syphilis,”  and says “Is it just possible that paid for a syphilis cure?”

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