Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerd Nite on Wednesday: Brains and Bytes

Nerd Nite: Brains and Bytes
We are excited for another Nerd Nite on Wednesday at Pachamama's.  Doors open at 7:30, and presentations are at 8:00.

Nerd Nite says "Come explore the relationship between brains, tech and the world around us – how big data is being used to create new art, how driving is adapting to modern technology, and how being smart is way different than it used to be."

This month's presentations are: 

1. Meta Nerdery: Being Smart about Being Smart by Erin Bennett and Chris Niileksela

In this presentation, we want to talk about what intelligence is and isn’t, discuss the historical underpinnings of intelligence theory, and provide information on theoretical advances and current research. With this information, you too can be a meta-nerd.

2. Google you can drive my car: The Future of the Automobile by Amy Mihalevich
 “Where would you like to go?” We are moving toward the culture of the iPad and not the T-Bird. Amy will explore how technology is changing the face of the automobile from what we drive today to what someday might drive us.

3. Framing Information: The Fine Art of Big Data by Becky Harpstrite
Like so many others, Becky first discovered her love for art while watching Bob Ross on PBS channel 8 in the country outside of Andover, Kansas.  After many attempts to paint like Bob, she decided to become a graphic designer.  She has a bona fide degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, and also studied Art History at The University of Kansas.  When she’s not designing, Becky enjoys cultivating an appreciation for the finer things in life, and documenting the daily habits of squirrels with her BDF (best dog friend), Jack.
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