Saturday, June 1, 2013

Art Tougeau Party and Josh Winkler at Wonder Fair

Last night's Art Tougeau preview party gave us a glimpse of what will be in the parade today.  We talked with the artists who created the cars and bikes, and listened to KC Bear Fighters.
 Here is just a sample of what we saw.

hand painted cardboard cars all ready to go for the parade

KC Bear Fighters

 Josh Winkler: A Land Diorama: A Window Into Fiberglass Freshwater Species

We LOVED Josh Winkler's printmaking at Wonder Fair.  The theme of the prints is "epic" landscapes and human influence, and is created using traditional printmaking techniques of etching and woodcut.  To further describe his work, his website page says "By emphasizing the disturbing intricacies of our daily landscapes, these scenes arouse satrical questions of the role of the human animal and its omnipotent grasp over the earth and its resouces."  

Meredith at Wonder Fair

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