Friday, July 19, 2013

Clare Doveton and Molly Murphy at Landmark and Interesting Art Web Articles

Molly lays out her work in her studio

It's officially sweltering in Lawrence.  What to do on a hot July day?  The opening reception for new works by Clare Doveton and Molly Murphy are at Landmark Bank ( located around 6th and Wakarusa) from 5:30-7:30.

pic of artist Molly Murphy at the Arts Center Auction

See the Facebook invite here:

Yesterday was the annual Downtown Sidewalk Sale.  Winner of the best item found goes to @larryvillelife who bought a gem film poster that reads "Anybody's Back Seat will do." None of us have seen the movie, but it is on our list.


Interesting Web Articles From This Week

From "The Sandwich Book" by Pawel Piotrowski

There is more proof that performance artist Joseph Beuys invented his war experiences.  Many of his experiences are central to his art themes. A letter he wrote when in the military during World War II has recently been published in the German magazine Spigel.  You can read the article here:

Tiffany Jenkins writes that art schools are failing students in her article found here:
She writes: You can see the evidence every year at any art college exhibition across the country. There is, without doubt, an unwillingness to paint; the medium is seen as too traditional, over and done with. Instead, the end of the course exhibitions are uniformly full of bits of this and that; plastic and wood assembled into something supposedly meaningful, but which appear incomplete. There is little sign of a serious craft.

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