Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Visit with photographer Jason Dailey

One of the most prolific art photographers in Lawrence in Jason Dailey.  Daily is the chief photographer for Sunflower Publishing ( part of the World Company).  His work is seen in the slick magazines of  "Lawrence Magazine" and "Kansas" magazine among others.  Dailey also works as a freelancer.  

magazine photo by Dailey

 Portraiture is a specialty of Dailey. He often captures interesting observation and detail of the individuals he is photographing. We asked him about his approach to this taking portraits. 
"I'm looking to connect with the subject in a way to make them comfortable in front of the lens.  Most of the people I photograph are normal people that aren't professionally photographed much."
We like this photo of Jason found on his Facebook page

One of his current projects is photographing musicians.   Daily says of this series "It brings together two things I love, music and photography. And a great way to find used equipment." 

part of the "Musician Series" by Dailey

A future project includes an artist series which will engage artists to contribute to a portrait. "The artist and I will talk about how the photography portrait should look. Then we'll explore options on how to bring the artists touch to the portrait, could be something as simple as painting or digitally enhancing the portrait or something more complex that brings in some of the artists past or present working methods. This idea works because it will be a collaboration that should be a very unique dual perspective on the portrait. Very excited to get this one in the works once I finish the musician series."

More of his art can be seen at:

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