Friday, July 5, 2013

Field Trip: KC: City Ice Arts Building

Downtown KC has a thriving studio and gallery scene

Last week, we took at field trip to KC to the gallery opening Local Earth at City Ice Arts Building.  The gallery, a former ice warehouse,  is designed well for exhibition. with clean lines and nice lighting.  

We met some artists who showed us their studios located in the building.  We were impressed!  Painters, printmakers, and other artists have some of the best collective studio spaces we've seen.  Each artist has their own studio with individual and easy access for loading and unloading work.  Two studios had printmaking presses for lettertype.  One shop had lettertype inventory on display in the front gallery and a press in the back. Very cool, KC!

Outside of Gallery

Part of a tea ceremony

Sculpture by Mark Cowardan

Bed made of packets of plants

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