Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Photographer's Lens: A Closer Look at Amjad Faur

Amjad Faur impressive photographs fill the walls of the current show Future Ruins at The Invisible Hand.  After seeing so many digital prints, it's refreshing to see the grit that black and white photography holds with its rich blacks and depth.  Faur's subject matter is enriching as well, drawing on different sources such as his Middle Eastern Background ( his father is from The Jordan Valley).  Some photographs are constructed in the studio and work with visual abstractions.

We talked to Faur on the opening night of his show.  He told us he started taking photos and processing them in a lab in high school.  Although he majored in photography as an undergraduate, he mostly took non-photography classes such as art history and design. Art history and history seem to play a role in his current photography work.  An artist statement from one of his previous show says " I am ceaselessly moved by Giotto and Fra Angelico."  He now teaches photography at the college level where former students report on "Rate my Professor" that his tests have art history content  more difficult than the Survey of Art History class.

Adam Smith of The Hand picked the photos for the show.  If you are in the East Lawrence neighborhood, stop by and take a look.

Photographer Amjad Faur at the opening reception for his show

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