Saturday, July 27, 2013

Studio Visit: Jeremy Rockwell

 Jeremy Rockwell in his studio

We visited the studio space of busy Lawrence artist Jeremy Rockwell and chatted about his latest work.
He has an organized space which includes a workbench with many tools and movable wall. We discuss his latest projects which include his iconic key pieces, traditional figurative, and experimental pieces with intricate designs ( as seen above).

Jeremy's key series utilizes individual keys from computer keyboards in a way that is similar to pixels on a computer screen.  "The key pieces are a product of what the technologies are now...keyboards are the current technology.  I got the idea for this series by seeing the pixels on a computer screen.  The pixels in the imagery are similar to the squares of the keys.  It is all related. "

Jeremy in front of his key piece "Darwin"
Jeremy's space is in the basement of Seedco. The working atmosphere in the basement is unique and Jeremy says the artists feel they thrive on the community they share. Many of the people working at Seedco met through skating.  During our visit,  a crowd was gathered around a laptop watching footage from skateboard and rollerblading jumps filmed outside earlier in the evening. We see Jeremy's impressive jump, and notice a scrape elbow from a crash.

You can see more of Jeremy's work by going to his website:

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