Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transforming Exhibit Space at Art and Design

Eli Gold: Preparing for his thesis show

For Lawrence, March is a season for basketball brackets.  For the art scene in Lawrence, it's the seasonal time for thesis shows at Art and Design.  Graduates pull out all the stops for their final short lived exhibit.  Set-up, defense, reception, and tear down take place in less than a week. The trend right now for KU's thesis exhibits is drama and theater stage.  Not settling for simple display of work, students are frequently transforming the space at Art and Design.

Eli Gold's In Our Time takes his thesis show to an all new level.  Gold, known for his work in metals including teapots,  is working to transfigure the Art and Design gallery into a pageant involving intricate lighting and large rocks. Gold is posting his daily progress via FB

"When we set the palettes on the floor it shook. There was a moment where I had a lurking fear that maybe it would all collapse... To top that off just as I began work this morning four people with clip boards walked into the gallery. I asked them what they were doing and they told me they were doing an inspection for insurance purposes... When they walked out Steven and I couldn't stop laughing. I hope I didn't just get A&D dropped from their policy... Ha."

Gold's post on his progress for In Our Time

Few beyond the Art and Design crowd rarely see these elaborate thesis exhibits, which is a shame.  The hours for the gallery are limited and parking is a problem.  However, we plan to attend the performance and reception on March 27. 
The opening is on Sunday.  Here is the FB information:

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