Sunday, December 28, 2014

Art Town Talk

Ephemeral LFK December Moments

Christmas is now over (whew).  We can now pause, take a breath, and reflect upon some LFK highlights from this holiday season.

Seeing Dave Sturm's beard grow large as he prepared for his role in A Kansas Nutcracker

Dave Sturm in his role in A Kansas Nutcracker
Photo by Ann Dean

Meeting people who were intensely into the art of letter writing at Wonder Fair’s letter writing club, Christmas edition

Viewing swirling Christmas lights in trees when streets are empty in the early mornings on Massachusetts Street

Listening to presentations at city council meetings and the sudden realization that the 9th Street Corridor Project is not about art after all but about property values and development

Hearing Kent Smith's enthusiasm for the Percolator Gallery, drawing and sketching groups, and the building of community through the arts on KLWN radio

Aim For Justice art made for protests against police brutality

Cool art created for the protest march against police brutality

Seeing the first real snow of the year when we aren't sick of it yet. 

Brownies for Townies moment at the Will Avrill game show hootenanny

The quest to find Christmas spirit in a beverage with the Larryville Artists food critic

This quote from Mark Hennessey “The advice I give every young man starting life is: Never confuse the unusual and the impossible."

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