Monday, December 15, 2014

Yule Nog and Percolator News

Sign of  current drink specials at La Prima Tazza

Holidays are a busy time for our staff at Larryville Artists. Many are using lunch breaks to sneak in last minute holiday shopping or mail Christmas cards. Our team is also gearing up for the notoriously rambunctious holiday staff party.  At the top our list of things to do this season is to try a current drink special, the Yule Nog,  at La Prima Tazza.  Named for the famed @LarryvilleLife of the noteworthy blog Larryville Chronicles, this drink is sure to be great!  

Percolator News
The Second Sunday Sketching with Smitty was at The Percolator Gallery yesterday.  Much is always happening at the Percolator; amazing considering The Percolator functions with a volunteer personnel. Our reporters took many notes. 

What we learned: 
The Percolator has expanded activities to include an arts focus not only visual arts, but also writing and theater. 
Gallery supporters are in discussion about how to develop the green space in front of the Percolator. 
The Percolator's neighbor,  The Social Service League, will re-open in the Rhode Island location very soon.  
The alley ( the closest route to the front door) is still closed due to construction of a large hotel. Attendees must look for a sign on Rhode Island Street and sneak between two houses to find the Percolator entrance.
Parking on Rhode Island is confusing to some of our reporters.  Good to know that folks have a place to park by their house, but we weren't sure where we were sopposed to park.  Look closely at the signs (below). 

This sign on Rhode Island Street shows the current entrance to The Percolator

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