Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wonder Fair Hits All Time Sales High

Wonder Fair's Art Selection is Gift Worthy

Our beloved gallery Wonder Fair is THE place to go for last minute holiday shopping for original works from artists such as Leslie Kay and Patrick Giroux.  And, it appears that Wonder Fair is in full swing with holiday spirit. 
Here is Wonder Fair's Facebook post from Saturday
Today we hit our all-time daily sales record for Holiday shopping. Two things: 1.) I met and conversed with 100+ kindly Wonder Folks, none of whom were ever grumpy, even though I come from the Rowan-Atkinson-in-Love-Actually School of Torturously Slow Package Preparation. 2.) Extended shoppe hours now come with secret in-store refreshments.
In a related story: the leftover whiskey stash at Wonder Fair has mysteriously vanished, pending investigation... investigation will recommence during Sunday's extended shoppe hours.
It is nice to live and work in Lawrence, Kansas.

Stop by Wonder Fair if you are Downtown today.  

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