Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hot Chocolate and Pacha Closure

Familiar gift wrapping scene
Annonymous home in LFK

The holiday spirit is abundant at the offices of Larryville Artists.  The staff bulletin board is overflowing with Chirstmas cards,  people are humming familiar carols, and snow is on the ground.  However, underlying this cheer is hint of irritability. We've observed some ill-tempered reporters snip about last minute Chirstmas shopping. And, just between you and me, we've spotted more than one employee putting a little something extra in their hot chocolate to "take the edge off."

Pachamamas announces closure
Pachamamas recently announced that it will be shutting its doors in a few months.  This is a loss for our community.  The owners and management of Pacha have been generous to the arts by providing events space for monthly artists exhibits, holiday sale events including Sip 'n' Shop, and Nerd Nite presentations. Additionally, we've enjoyed the friendly Pacha bartenders and staff. 

Nerd Nite organizers have announced that they are actively seeking another venue for meetings after February. 
Furthermore, Nerd Nite wrote Tuesday via twitter: 
ICYMI announced it will close after Valentine's Day. We love them and all the support they have given us the past 3 years

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