Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drawing one of our favorite models

Kent posing for a picture with artist Amber Hansen at Art and Design

Last night, we drew one of our favorite models, Kent.  Rodger Kent Van Dusseldorp (who usually goes by his middle name) is one of the area's most sought-after male figure models for photographers, painters and life drawers in the Lawrence and KC area.  He has modeled for high schoolers and professional artists. Entire shows have been devoted to work drawn or painted from his image, such as the show "Au Naturel" at the VALA Gallery in Mission, Kansas last July.

This summer, Kent will be the model for an anatomy drawing class at KU. In Lawrence, he poses for the Hobart Jackson group, KU,  and at the Lawrence Arts Center.

He has created a website for people interested in figure drawing.  The website includes upcoming shows, figure drawing groups, other models, and other info.  Check out the site at: or like this group on Facebook.

His personal website can be found here: A more complete interview with Kent can be found here:

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