Sunday, April 29, 2012

Open Studios: Art and Artists

We enjoyed hanging out with TJ Tangpuz and looking at work at the Art and Design building for their yearly open house. We were impressed by the work we saw.   Here are some pics of some of our favorite works of art and some of the artists who made them.

Sculpture by Harley Ruszul

Weaving looms in the textile department

Intaglio print by Rachel Forrest (we know her from The Arts Center)

An assignment was to design a costume from the shoulders up.  Here is a piece by Sara Hall which is made of hair. 

Another costume design by Angela Christenson

Jenn Erwin ( Invisible Hand) is working hard in her studio

Work by textile student Allison Wegren.  Her work memorializes traditional materials and the hours that were required for these intense projects.  Future projects include installation pieces. 

Work by Sam Holloway, ceramics major.  Look for his work at the Crossroads next Friday. 

Pic of Sam with his piece

Painting by 5th year undergrad Jill Kilgore

Pic of Jill with her dad

Work by Brian Hawkins, 1st year MFA in printmaking. 

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