Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Friday for April: What to see

We looked at the Final Friday blog this month, and think that worthy destinations need sifting through. We’re surprised to see the store Lucky Paws, which will exhibit dog treats, is an actual listed venue.  When walking Downtown on Friday night, expect to trip over a child or two as three places will host children’s art.  
What to See:
1.       Atomic Photograph Opening 313 East 8th Street: Specializing in pin-up photography, the studio is having their grand opening.  It is slightly off of Massachusetts, but we think worth the detour.  Here is the information Atomic Photography put on their Facebook page:
The party will feature retro cocktails,  swinging sounds of the sixties provided by DJ Modrey Hapburn, and pin –up art on display.  The pin-up prints feature the lovely cabaret troupe The Foxy by Proxy Revue.  Gallery showing is 6-9 in studio B.

2.       Ann Dean Photographs at Global Café  We know Ann as the photographer from the Arts Center.  Ann will show photographs from Cuba and the Yucatan.  

Pic of Ann Dean with husband RJ

3.       Catherine Reinhart: A Slice of Light: Invisible Hand 801 ½ Massachusetts.  Here is what The Invisible Hand's website says about Reinhart's work: 

The main piece in the exhibition is a fiber installation inspired by images of laundry hanging systems that Reinhart found in a book on the history of linen. The installation will feature hand-dyed cotton, linen and silk in monochromatic gradients of golden yellow.
A Slice of Light will also feature five small “shelf pieces,” which will act as displays for more of Reinhart’s hand-dyed fibers and fabrics. With layers of lively, warm-hued textiles stored in jars and glass cases, the shelf pieces radiate a comforting, somewhat domestic feeling. Along with a small number of prints, which Reinhart made by exposing fabrics to light, these pieces put focus on the artist’s techniques. While Reinhart’s past work has been highly conceptual,A Slice of Light finds her dwelling more on color and process.

4.       Homage to the Odd Duck WonderFair: 803 Massachusetts Street: Here is the information Wonderfair gives about the show: Wilson’s work ranges from pure graphite to mixed media works on paper, with colorful embroidery tattoos laid over and into precise pencil drawings. The humans and creatures inhabiting her images are at once terminally awkward and effortlessly comfortable with one another (imagine your summer family reunion, equal parts kinship and forced politeness). In attendance are family dogs, half-remembered houses, and fixed smiles that seem to have been lifted directly from the family photo album. Altogether, Wilson’s exhibition is a fond remembrance of an auspicious occasion, when a year of the horse was born into a family of rabbits.

5. Iain Ellis reading at the Raven Bookstore: via @larryvillelife.  Ellis will be reading from his book Brit's Wits Friday at 7:00.  Read an interview about Ellis by our friends at The Larryville Chronicles:

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