Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mid-Century Houses in Lawrence

We are always looking for outstanding art and design. One of our favorite aesthetic is the clean mid-century style.

 Among the mid-century clothing, furniture, and other industrial design items that were designed at this time, the architecture was innovative.  The era for what is considered to be mid-century architecture is somewhere between the 1940's and the mid 1960's.  The architects who built mid-century houses were interested in opening up floor space and bringing the outside in by utilizing windows and doors to the outside.  Landscaping in conjunction with the house is also considered to be part of the overall design.

There are many good examples of mid-century houses in Lawrence. Lawrence Modern is a group of enthusiasts who meet regularly and are devoted to the mid-century architecture of Lawrence. At a recent gathering, the Lawrence Modern group looked at a North Lawrence house that was designed recently, but with mid-century ideals in mind.   Costum designed by Scott Trettle for his family, the house is the epitome of simplicity, clean lines, and open space.

Here are some pics from the Lawrence Modern gathering from Sunday.

textile studio space

architect Scott Trettle


view from kitchen


View of kitchen.  Fridge is in the form of drawers

More about the Lawrence Modern group,  the history of mid-century architecture, and the architects who built these houses can be found on the Lawrence Modern website:

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