Friday, April 6, 2012

Open Model this Saturday and Closing Reception for Jamie Bates

A free open model session is this Saturday at the Art and Design Building in room 405.  The session runs 11:00-2:00.  All levels of art skill are welcome.  Bring drawing supplies.

Closing Reception
We went to the closing reception for ceramic artist Jamie Bates at the Art and Design Building last night. The gallery was dramatically lit with spotlights on the tiny work.  Magnifying glasses were available to see work up close, where viewers saw a unique texture that is achieved by applying a process of glazing.

Here is part a statement Bates' website:  My most recent work addresses the fragility of human life and human spirit. As with illness and loss, the emotions felt during these times can be relentless and uncontrollable, unexpectedly taking over the soul and difficult to hold back. The work appears insidious in color and texture.

close-up shows texture of glaze

Bates will be graduating with an MFA in May and will be teaching next fall at Truman State University. Here is her website:

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