Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karen's Top Five Picks for May's Final Friday

This month's Final Friday is a good one. Here are my top five picks for this month's Final Friday.

1. Henry Schneiderman I don't Feel Like it
The Invisible Hand  801 1/2 Massachusetts ( Above the Burger Stand)

Henry's thesis installation show at KU's Art and Design was one of my favorite shows of the year.  Henry will present work from his thesis show at the Invisible Hand.  The aluminum mesh sculptures will be presented in tight groups, showing that "Detachment can exist even in the most tightly knit groups.

2. Body of Work: Interpretations of the Live Figure
TJ Tangpuz Installation
Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire

TJ Tangpuz will debut his new installation piece for the show.  His sculpture will rotate around a pole located in the main gallery.
The show Body of Work is definitely worth seeing.

3. Ashley Laird Turning Back the Clock
Bourgeois Pig 6 E. 9th

Here is her statement about her work: What year is it? Judging from the work of the Kansas Legislature, in regards to the rights of women, it could be 1960. This body of work was motivated (in part) by the ridiculous and absurd but deathly serious attempts of our elected officials to turn back the clock.

4. Clinton Ricketts and Andrew Burkitt: The Sundowners
Wonder Fair 803 Massachusetts ( sort of above the Burger Stand)

Here is what Wonder Fair has to say about this show: Ricketts and Burkitt both create prints combining etching, to produce images including, but not limited to: floating Babe Ruth heads, pretty ladies drawn in scary ways, painterly expressions and ugly men in funny hats. Watch the walls of the Wonder Fair explode with shape and color.

Etching by Clinton Ricketts

5. Art Tougeau Street Party
940 New Hampshire

The parade is Saturday, but the preview allows a great up close view of the art cars.  We can't wait to see what we'll see this year.

Chalkboard Cadillac

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