Thursday, May 31, 2012

Body of Work Poetry Night and "The Chaperone"

We are excited for a poetry night on Tuesday, June 5 at the Arts Center.  The poetry is associated with the Body of Work Show, a figure show where nine artists interpret the human body.   The poetry for June 5 will have a theme or subject of the body.

Here are the list of poets that will be reading at the show:

Elizabeth Boyles, Mark Hennessey, Brendan Allen, Joshua Anderson, Bonnie Cherry, Creed Shepard, Frederick Gutknecht, Jason Ryberg and Callista Buchen

Here is the Facebook Invite to the poetry night:

We also are excited for Lawrence author Laura Moriarty's new novel  The Chaperone, which is getting national attention.  Many sources are putting Moriarty's novel at the top of their summer top ten lists.

USA Today gives this synopsis of the book: In 1922, Louise Brooks, the Kansas teenager who will be transformed into a star of the silent screen, travels to New York for dance lessons accompanied by Cora Carlisle, a middle-aged chaperone who has hidden motives for taking the trip. 

Here is her interview with USA Today:


One more book note for today:

British artist Jenny Saville has a new book of paintings from her exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery called Continuum.
These pics come via a blog called "Days Fall Like Leaves." ( Check this blog out sometime)

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