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Lawrence artist Jack Collins and the most expensive post-war women artists

In our blog, we are always on the look out for original art in Lawrence.  Here are the large scale oil paintings of Jack Collins.

Jack Collins

Jack Collins

  Also, check out the work of Eliza Bullock

Eliza Bullock

More of her work can be seen here: 


High End Art Auctions and Women Artists
Who are the most expensive post-war women artists? At auction, these artists are Louise Bourgeois and Joan Mitchell. 

However, in the national trend at up scale art auctions for of post-war era and living artists, women artists are still under-represented and proceeds from sales are way behind male artists.  Proceeds from a sale earlier this month at Christie's had ten lots by eight women artists ( it's highest ever).  Yet proceeds on all the works by women artists in the Christie's sale was less than 5% of total sales, not even half the price achieved that night by a single picture of two naked women by Yves Klein. 

Things are changing slowly.  New York based photographer Cindy Sherman received one of the highest prices ever paid for a photograph for her 1981 Centerfold series. She also has a major exhibition at MOMA right now. 

Here are the most expensive post-war women artists: 

Louise Bourgeois, Spider, 1996

Joan Mitchell Untitled: 1960

Cindy Sherman:Untititled #96 1981 Most paid for a photograph

To read more about the prices obtained for each of these artists at auction, as well as other women aritsts go to:

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