Saturday, May 26, 2012

May's Final Friday Pics

It was a pleasant evening and there was a nice turn out for May's Final Friday.   

Here are pics from May's Final Friday: 

At The Invisible Hand

Henry at the Invisible Hand

Jen (Atomic Photography) at The Arts Center

Jen at the Arts Center

At The Arts Center

Wayne at the Arts Center

Mermaid Car at the Arts Center

Jack at The Love Garden

Cats at The Love Garden

Nathan at The Invisible Hand

                                                                 Kirsten and Jeremy (Lost Art Space)

Last Final Friday at the Lost Art Space before they move: Weaving made with computer wire

 And, don't forget the next event associated with the Body of Work show will be a poetry reading with themes and subjects of the body on June 5. 

See Facebook Events Page: 

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