Saturday, May 5, 2012

New York artist Amy Sillman and Looking at Art

We love the work of Richard Diebenkorn.  We came across the artists Amy Sillman who lives and shows her work in New York.  Although the works are very different, the compositions and grids remind us of Dienbenkorn's Ocean Park Series. 


In a recent Art News article "How to Buy, Sell, and have an Aha Moment", Micheal Findley, Christie's international director, has written a new book The Value of Art

Here are some statements made in his book: 
“No two persons looking at the same painting, sculpture, or drawing are having the same experience. . . . Neither you nor I may be judging the quality of the work in any commercial sense; we are bringing our own experience to bear, and that is not only inevitable but part of the process of experiencing art.

“The more we look, the greater our confidence in the validity of our first impression, our gut response, and the likelihood that it will be confirmed or increased by continued engagement with the work of art. . . . Looking again and again at works by the artists who most appeal to us increases our ability to access what is truly intrinsic to a particular painting, sculpture, drawing, or print.”
The Emperor’s New Clothes: “In some critical quarters qualitative judgments are considered to be old hat, and in this topsy-turvy world bad art is good. Connoisseurship is condemned in favor of philosophical gamesmanship. . . . Voices crying from the back of the crowd that the reigning art emperors are bare-assed naked went unheard by the speculators and their fellow travelers who took charge when the auction houses started to serve Dom Perignon champagne and Beluga caviar at their preview parties.
Related to the above article, we loved this article via Leslie Von Holton "I'm sick of pretending: I don't get art":

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