Friday, June 14, 2013

Statue in KC Hosts Bird Kitsch

A mystery surrounds a statue that stands at 52nd and Brookside in Kansas City.  The figure is adorned by various ceramic birds left for her;  some are broken.  We would like to know who or why these tiny treasures are reverently placed there.

It  is a puzzlement indeed, but we think the statue is perceived to be Artemis, the Greek Goddess of wildlife and mistress of animals.  Artemis is a very ancient goddess, and offerings were made to her in pre-Greek and in Greek societies.  She is sometimes depicted carrying a bow and arrow.  She is also  a goddess of childbirth and relieves diseases in women.

When we visit Kansas City, we plan to spread the love by leaving a tiny bird vase with flowers by the statue ( shown below). 


  1. I recently discovered that this statue, whom I have passed countless times through the years (and is around the corner from my son's home) had a much larger following of birds. It seems to grow in the beginning of march. I asked my son to take pictures, wich he did but has been unable to download. Today I passed by and got out to visit with her. She was surrounded by a lesser amount of birds than two weeks ago, but still has a large amount. I too am curious about her and the pilgrims? taht visit her and bring her birds. Did you ever found out more? Please share with me! Thanks, Saskia Marijke Niehorster-Cook