Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Friday Preview

No one can complain that this Final Friday is going to be boring as there is something for everyone! It will be a good night to get out and hear music, view bicycle races, and see some art.

Our friends at Larryville Chronicles posted some great underground music picks for Friday.  You can see them here:

The Art Scene for Friday: 

1.  Hott Sheets 11: Hotter Sheets: Wonderfair Gallery: 803 1/2 Massachusetts
Our number one pick for the night takes a quirky and absurd look at the art market.  Artists created works on paper that will be evaluated based on a value market determination such as the amount of colors used in a work.
They have a long and complicated Facebook event post, about it and you can read it here:

This work by Stephen Johnson will be at Wonderfair

Kristen Morland

2.  Festive Flag Fete: Kristen Morland 737 Connecticut
Looking for something off the beaten path,  that celebrates the Stars and Stripes?  This stop is for you.  Kristen will be showing her festive work at her house on Connecticut.

3. Jack Collins at The Arts Center 940 New Hampshire
We love Jack's large abstract collages that show the lush and juicy aspects of paint.  His new works will be shown at the Arts Center.

Amjad Faur

4. Photographs of Amjad Faur at The Invisible Hand
Adam has been excited for this event for months.  Photography is at its best as Faur shows black and white photography with a focus on the Middle East among other subjects.

Louis Copt

5. Louis Copt at The Copt/Feldman Gallery: 800 Massachusetts
Louis has shown us some of his new work and it is gorgeous!  Make a stop and see him at his gallery on Massachusetts Street.

6 . Other notable stops: 
Share the league at the Social Service League, Shannon White at The Pheonix,  and Jeremy Rockwell the The Cider Gallery, various artists and bands at Seedco.

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