Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun and Games in Lawrence: KVKL And cute Foxy Girls

Lawrence's thriving kickball league provides what some consider THE weekly event to go to in Lawrence.  In the  "Game of the Week" players from kickball games and people from the neighborhood gather to see a culminating game on Sunday nights at Hobb's stadium. A large and rowdy crowd is present,  most of whom have a beer in their hands,
East Lawrence resident Mark Akin says this about the scene,  "This is Lawrence at its best.  There is no law.  There are no rules. "
Last night, the team Late Fees ( Liberty Hall) played Pac Man Ghosts ( Eldridge Hotel) in competitive match-up.
Here are some pics from last night:


We spotted some cute Foxy by Proxy girls who were performing a benefit for the EMU Theater at the Replay. 

We also spotted was a rogue painter creating amazing portraits.  Check this one out: 

Rikki and Mr. Monzie Leo, patrons of the arts

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