Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Colin Roe Ledbetter: Master of the Loom

Colin in front of his weaving loom

We visited artist Colin Roe Ledbetter at his studio space on the 5th floor in Art and Design. He talked about his latest weaving project which will be displayed in an outdoor installation on the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah.  His piece will be part of a collaboration with other installations in a project called "The Celebration of the Hand" in which plakets originally designed for The Sundance Film Festival will be utilized.

His large weaving is in the style of a rag rug and is 4 feet by 108 inches.  He showed us his template that is under his large weaving. Around the loom sits stacks of cloth in various designs.  Ledbetter sorts the material by color.

Although we talk to him for hours about art, Ledbetter is on a deadline to finish his weaving.  The show will be installed this weekend. 
Read more about the show in Utah "Celebration of the Hand" here:

 Detail of the weaving: Celebration of the Hive: Industry

More about Celebration of the Hive: Industry
The weaving alludes to common Utah state symbols, imagery, and history. The beehive is a part of the state symbol, the beehive state (working together as bees do).  The state motto is “industry.”
The CTH is a reference to the CTR RING a common Mormon ring, while the patterns and materials reference the large craft industry in Utah and to quilting.
"It's deeper than it needs to be, but the image portrays exactly what I want to be seen: A beehive,  mountains and CTH."

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