Monday, March 3, 2014

Look at This! Alley Art

Photo posted by Pat Slimmer

One of our favorite Facebook sites is MAN, LOOK AT THIS THING I SAW IN A LAWRENCE, KANSAS, ALLEY!!  The FB page is dedicated to posting unusual things found in the alleys of Lawrence. Objects and art include road kill,  graffiti,  and confessional garbage.  Photos document the beauty in the mundane and trash treasures.  The walls of the alleys provide a canvass. 

Photo posted by Lisa Miller 
located behind Urban Outfitters

Photo posted by Steve Dahlberg

Photo posted by Creed Shepard


Drawing Tonight at Fatso's.
And, don't forget to see our good friends The Theives Guild tonight for drawing at Fatso's.  Pirates are the theme for Arrrrrt, Matey!
Drawing is from 7:0-10:00.  Bring drawing supplies.
Check out the facebook page here:

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