Friday, March 14, 2014

Ragtime Inspired: Paper Trails

Viewers in front of an animation in Paper Trails

What are we recording, and how is it depicted?  What has been lost or reinvented along the way? These are questions posed in two recent animation projects by Brian Hawkins.  

We visited with Hawkins at the closing Reception of his show Paper Trails at Art and DesignIn the exhibition, ragtime music plays on a player piano. Animations are on a big screen as well as on a scroll of the player piano. 

Ragtime music is intergrated into the artwork of Hawkins.  He is a proficient ragtime pianist who studies its music and background. He told us that while researching the history of these composers, little has survived about who these musicians were as people. "We have their sheet music, but no little else of their lives."

Hawkins woks in different media including animation, printmaking, and painting. His art is delicate and thoughtful with colors that are monochromatic with blacks. His animation has the appearance of moving photographs from the early 1900's.  

Brian's animation and other art can be seen on his website here:

Photo of Brian Hawkins

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