Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things We Are Loving Right Now

TJ Tangpuz with French Nautilus

1. TJ's Sculpture
We love the new creature/instrument sculpture by TJ Tangpuz.   Shaped like a french horn, French Nautilus is a  biomorphic creature that winds around itself.  We spotted TJ during the art drop off for The Arts Center's auction. 

Detail of French Nautilus

Tayte's drawing of  Pegasus
We also love this wonderful drawing by Tayte.  Inspired by a Pegasus she saw in one of the prints for the auction, Tayte drew her own Pegasus on the spot.  


2. The New PBR Book Club Book
The Circle by Dave Eggers is a futuristic novel that is both thought provoking and entertaining.  The central character, Mae, works for the  social networking and technology company called The Circle.  The Circle has a monopoly on public and private information.  At first, Mae is thrilled with the opportunities and innovations of The Circle.  However, soon we see the darker side of The Circle where slogans include "Secrets are lies" and "Privacy is theft."

4. Amber Hansen's Self Portrait
We love this drawing that Amber posted on FB.  She is currently doing a residency in New Hampshire.

Amber Hansen

4. Jason Barr's New Look
We love Jason Barr's new sexy skinny look.  

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