Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Plushy Art of Anna Youngyeun

Picture of Anna Youngyeun in front of her sculptures
There, there
Squishy and plushy describe the tactile textile and painting show at Art and Design There, there  by Anna Youngyeun. The show's closing reception was Thursday.  Large pillow-like sculptures are cuddly and are surrounded by squeezable hanging teardrop shaped stalactites.  On closer inspection, these figures are placed in awkward positions. Nearby,  a painting shows fingers submerged in what appears to be goo or mud.  

Her work statement says:  "I create sensory experiences that allude to sensations such as weightiness, pressure, and simple gestures like hugging and hiding. The use of textiles offers viewers a sense of comfort and familiarity while the alien and bio-morphic forms arouse a disquieting anxiety. "

 "By interacting with my tactile sculptures, viewers make themselves vulnerable in a public space. Such vulnerability prompts introspection and reveals ways in which people engage with their own bodies, "

During the reception, we saw a three year old girl curiously looking and squeezing the structures hanging from the ceiling (while clutching her own princess doll).  Our young friend had the right idea; we are drawn by a psychological need to be close and touch something soft and cushy such as these sculptures. 

See more of Anna's work here:

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