Saturday, March 1, 2014

Talkin 'Bout Taco 'Bout It

The art place to be on Friday night was the Love Garden for Taco 'Bout It.  The opening for Taco 'Bout It  had every aspect of a great opening including tasty themed food and delightful art work.

Taco zone served free tacos as part of a promotion for new food that will be available at The Replay.   Once we tried the tacos, we knew that future Friday dinner plans are now taken care of with these tacos,  an early show,  and a beer.  Taco Zone's art street cred is improved by the fact that they hired local artist Jeff Eaton to screen print their  cool flyers.   Jeff Eaton used his signature recycled PBR cardboard to print on.

Yummy Tacos from Taco Zone

Artist Jeff Eaton

And, let's talk about the art!  we loved many pieces in this show.

Here are our party pics for this event:

Artists  Kenneth Kupfer, Jason Barr, and Eric Dobbins

Line for tacos

Tick Taco by Eric and Casey Dobbins
Screen Print and Tear Away Pad

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