Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Body of work Poetry and An outdoor library

We will be at the Body of Work Poetry Night at the Arts Center tonight. The event is in conjunction with the figure show Body of Work.  Poets have written work that have subjects or themes of the body.  It starts at 7:00.  After the reading, the poems will be placed in the drawing room of Body of Work.   The poets reading are:  Elizabeth Boyles, Mark Hennessey, Brendan Allen, Joshua Anderson, Bonnie Cherry, Creed Shepard, and Callista Buchen

Here is the Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/333190193418783/

An outdoor library idea is something twitter's wonderful @bananasuit would love.  Installed in the middle of a Belgian vineyard, the library, entitled Bookyard was built by Italian artist Massimo Bartolini for a Belgian art festival.  For this outdoor installation,  one can bring a blanket, drink wine, and choose a book to read.  

We are nerding out to this 1938 movie about how the human eye sees light and color which comes to us via twitter @brainpicker

We are able to see mixtures of two-color rays as one color. We don’t need green light in order to see green, and we don’t need orange light to make us see orange. Mixtures of blue and yellow light and yellow and red light will create green and orange for us. To make the eyes see all color, then, only the three primaries — red, yellow, and blue — need be used. From these primaries, a complete color circle can be created. That is why it is possible to reproduce the brilliant colors of nature, faithfully, with just three primary colors in modern color reproducing processes.

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