Friday, June 29, 2012

Final Friday and Summer Scenester Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

Final Friday Picks:
We've been slacking here at the LKF Art Blog, and are finally giving some Final Friday Picks.

1. The Invisible Hand: 
This show includes 23 artists who have been a part of the Invisible Hand in the past.  This will be the last show at this space before the Hand moves to its new and bigger location.

To see a list of the many artists, go to the link here:≡-a-group-show/

2. Wonder Fair
Air conditioning is working! and a new show is up.  Sean Starwars will show his new work: "A Fuck Ton of Prints."
Mr. Starwars will be in attendance, drinking Mountain Dew and printing t-shirts n' posters to order.  Bring your own shirt or buy one at the shop ( limited quantities available).
Wonderfair's site says " Wonder Fair-- now with 100% more air conditioning and 1000% more star wars references."
 Here is the description from the Wonderfair site:
"His work features familiar pop culture heroes and villains, southern culture ephemera, and the inner workings of a man who drinks way to much Mountain Dew. Done in a style reminiscent of Hannah Barbara cartoons or a pig cooking another pig on a Barbecue joint sign, Starwars’ woodcuts are both creepy and hilarious."

"Groped at the Grocery"

3. Bourgeois Pig
Molly Murphy will show work from her residency in Florida last winter.  Here is the Facebook invite:

4. Allen Chen at the Arts Center
Ceramic artist in resident Allen Chen will close out his year with an installation.  Don't forget to say one last "good-bye" to the show "Body of Work" before it comes down.
See Chen's website here;

5. Dean Monkey and the Drop Outs at Studio B
Finish out your night with one of our favorite bands playing at 9:30.  See Danny sing his heart out with Doo Wop tunes.

Here is the Facebook invite:

Summer Scenester Scavenger Hunt Key Week #1
(another puzzle will be posted on Monday)

Alley by Harbor Lights

Old Pizza Hut Guy in the Love Garden

Mirror in the Bathroom of Liberty Hall Video

Pinball Machine at the Replay

Outside the Replay

Mural by Aaron Marable outside the Old Love Garden 

Clock above door at the Pig

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  1. would have never gotten some of those. i havent been in the pig at night since before the new floor let alone the clock :( not hip enough