Saturday, June 9, 2012

Impress friends: Know the Downtown sculptures

Interlace 2 by Sara Deppe

When bar hopping or hanging out Downtown, do you want to be a know it all hipster that can impress friends or dates with your knowledge about the sculptures there? Today's annual Outdoor Sculpture Garden Tour can help you with that. The 24th Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition Reception and Tour starts at 5:30 at the Lawrence Arts Center.  A walking tour of the sculptures will follow a presentation and several of the artists will be there. The event is free.  More on this event, the sculptors,  and the map of where the sculptures are at can be found here:

Emerge by Heidi Hamilton


Lawrence Artist Jason Barr

We love this new watercolor by scenester Jason Barr.  The commission asked for "zombies staying healthy."  His work will be made into a poster that will promote healthy choices for kids. 

Z. O. M. B. I. E poster by Jason Barr

Detail of : Z. O. M. B. I. E


One more item for today.  We got this pic from @boredintellect via twitter.  Is this in the bathroom of the 8th Street Tap Room?  We like it!

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