Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sean Starwars and Free Figure Drawing Session

Work by Sean Starwars.  Photo taken by @larryvillelife

Our favorite event with Final Fridays was "A Fuck Ton of Prints" at Wonderfair with Sean Starwars.
As promised, we grilled Starwars on his work process.  Although he works relatively large, he hand carves his birch blocks using traditional Japanese woodcut tools and other woodcutting tools.  He uses an etching press to print.  His blocks are applied to a silkscreen for prints for t-shirts.
His goal is to make a new print every week.

 We bought a cat burglar t-shirt that was made to order.

Clint silk screening my shirt

Starwars is selling prints. Works are affordable at only $40.00 each.
See the room of prints here:
With these hot temperatures, we are looking for things to do in air conditioning.  Try a free figure drawing session (with a clothed model) today at 2:00 at the Arts Center.  The event is associated the "Body of Work" figure show.  Bring drawing supplies.
This show ends today!

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